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Best Summer Festivals Seattle for 2019

Seattle summers are the most outstanding as a result of the great appreciation by the residents, there is no rain at this time, and the many fun-filled activities that take place at this time. Some of the most outstanding festivals that will take place in Seattle summer 2019 are:

Kent International Festival

The event will be on June 1 2019 at ShoWare Center where there will be ethnic foods, songs, dances, and multiple cultural booths. The highlights for the festival will be the ‘world wide’ walk at 9.30 am, the main festival at 10 am, and the finale concert from 5 to 7 pm where the entry will be free.

Small-town festival

This family festival will lead to the closure of Main Street to vehicles on Saturday starting from 10.30 am. There will be a parade, food vendors, kid’s fun activities, wine garden, live music and fireworks at 10 pm. On Sunday there will be a pancake breakfast, racing, and dairy tour and for all these, no payment will be required.

Anacortes Festival

During this festival, there will be a free boat ride, demonstrations on boat building, entertainment, wine garden, kid’s activities, and food vendors. The festival will be free. And will be held on June 1 2019 80 mile north.

Free state park days

On all state park free days, you will be able to picnic or play at all 140 state parks in Washington without paying to use the facilities.

Native Festival

This festival will showcase the rich culture of the American Indians and the Alaska Natives as well. it will be characterized by dancing, vendors selling art & Craft artifacts, art demonstrations, and at the Armory Building located at the Seattle Center, there will be a canoe exhibit. The second stage of the festival will be held upstairs and for there will be no payment for the festivities. The festival will be held on June 8, 2019 1 mile NW.

Taste of Tacoma

This is a festival that will offer restaurant food, live entertainment, cooking shows, and a wine tasting that will happen at Point Defiance Park. The admission to the festival will be free and there will also be a free shuttle bus at Tacoma Community college.

The 10 Best Seattle Shopping Malls

Seattle is home to some of the best shopping malls where the customers will be able to have quick access and enjoy a wide selection of products and services. If you need to buy a gift for a loved one or taste mouth-watering delicacies, you will find them in most of the shopping malls in Seattle. Below is a list of the best Seattle shopping Malls:

  1. Pike Place Market

This can be referred to as Seattle’s heartbeat and considering its location near the water and the fact that it is a historic district under protection, it is a must visit. You will be able to access fresh produce from the growers who prefer to sell their products to consumers directly.

  1. Wallingford Center

If you prefer having personalized shopping experience for your necessities and luxuries as well, this is the place to be. Whether you are looking for home decors, classy handbags, jewelry, gardening tools, and even hardware tools, you will find them at Wallingford Center. The location of the mall has made it possible to access it either by bus or using a car.

  1. Fremont

From the newest restaurants, unique boutiques, and amazing cultural venues, you will find them at Fremont. Do you need to buy some of the greatest public artworks? Come to Fremont and you will find it. The beautiful seasonal pieces, great accessories, and heart-melting gifts will be available at this shopping complex.

  1. University District

At the University District, you will find a lot of young people who are campus students and for this reason; you will find the latest designs for young people, restaurants, and amazing cultural centers. There are museums as well; a library, not to forget some comedy clubs and also a bar where daytime, as well as evening entertainments, are provided.

  1. International District (ID)

This is an area characterized by great Asian restaurants, specialty shops, and the great Asian market where you will be able to buy everything that you need including fresh fish and unique arts.

  1. Pacific Place

This is an extravagance shopping center that consists of 5 floors where you will find upscale shops and exceptional restaurants. Some of the famous stores at Pacific Place include J. Crew, Grande Cuisine, and Michael Kors, among others. Getting a parking space will not be an issue as there is an underground parking.

  1. Northgate Mall

This is among the most popular shopping malls in Seattle where chain stores such as Nordstrom, Macy’s, and JC Penny are located.

  1. Everett Mall

This is a mall that host famous stores such as TJ Maxx, Motherhood Maternity, and even Massage Envy. The mall has an online platform where they will post all special happenings to keep their customers updated.

  1. Shopes at the Bravern

At Shopes at the Bavern, you will find luxury brands such as Neiman Marcus, Louis Vuitto, and Hermes, among others. Classy restaurants are also thriving in this classy place.

  1. University Village

University Village provides free parking for their clients, high-end restaurants and breweries. You will also find famous retailers such as Barnes & Noble, and Bluemercury.

What is the True Cost of Living in Seattle?

Do you have plans to move to Seattle? Due to the rapid growth being experienced in Seattle compared to other cities in the United States, a lot of people have opted to move to this city in search of better opportunities. As a result of the competition for the available resources, the cost of living in this city has increased where the resident spend over 20% more than what the residents of other cities spend.

Here is a breakdown of the actual cost of living in Seattle

Home purchase

 The cost of owning a home in Seattle is increasing each year making it impossible for most people to afford this necessity. With the current trend, it is estimated that the cost of buying a home will be over $1 million in the coming years.

Renting a home

Though renting a home in Seattle is cheaper than buying, the cost of resting is estimated to be 80% more than what it will cost in other cities. The cost of renting a home will vary from one neighborhood to the other.


The average cost of a meal in a typical dining in Seattle is $30 for one person which is 30% more than what the same meal will cost in other cities. The cost of buying groceries is high as well with the costs estimated to be 11% more than what they cost in other cities in the US.


Most of the Seattle residents have their own car or rely on public buses for their transportation needs. There are cyclists as well though the multiple hills make it difficult for people to use this means of transport. The heavy traffic raises the consumption of fuel which is estimated to be 10% more than what it costs in other US cities and in addition, a lot of time is wastes in heavy traffic.

Before choosing to relocate to Seattle, ensure that the income you will be getting will be more than what you are currently earning so that you can meet the increased cost of living.