What is the True Cost of Living in Seattle?

Do you have plans to move to Seattle? Due to the rapid growth being experienced in Seattle compared to other cities in the United States, a lot of people have opted to move to this city in search of better opportunities. As a result of the competition for the available resources, the cost of living in this city has increased where the resident spend over 20% more than what the residents of other cities spend.

Here is a breakdown of the actual cost of living in Seattle

Home purchase

 The cost of owning a home in Seattle is increasing each year making it impossible for most people to afford this necessity. With the current trend, it is estimated that the cost of buying a home will be over $1 million in the coming years.

Renting a home

Though renting a home in Seattle is cheaper than buying, the cost of resting is estimated to be 80% more than what it will cost in other cities. The cost of renting a home will vary from one neighborhood to the other.


The average cost of a meal in a typical dining in Seattle is $30 for one person which is 30% more than what the same meal will cost in other cities. The cost of buying groceries is high as well with the costs estimated to be 11% more than what they cost in other cities in the US.


Most of the Seattle residents have their own car or rely on public buses for their transportation needs. There are cyclists as well though the multiple hills make it difficult for people to use this means of transport. The heavy traffic raises the consumption of fuel which is estimated to be 10% more than what it costs in other US cities and in addition, a lot of time is wastes in heavy traffic.

Before choosing to relocate to Seattle, ensure that the income you will be getting will be more than what you are currently earning so that you can meet the increased cost of living.

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